Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular as a recreational indulgence. For those who suffer from acute or chronic pain, however, certain compounds within this plant can promote natural and surprisingly rapid relief. Best of all, you don’t have to skulk around with half-lidded eyes and the munchies in order to enjoy these benefits. CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant to produce supplements that have absolutely no psychoactive effects at all. Following is everything you need to know about using CBD for chronic pain.

The different compounds in cannabis are known as cannabinoids. Among them, THC and CBD are the most prevalent. They are also the most widely researched and the most popular. Marijuana strains that have lots of THC are guaranteed to have the highest psychoactive effects. It is the THC compound that is responsible for reddened eyes, sense of lethargy, and general feelings of being high. CBD, however, has the opposite effect. It won’t impact your emotions, mood or overall level of mental and physical functioning in any negative or seemingly drug-induced way.

This cannabinoid is known as cannabidiol, for which CBD is short-form. It has been proven to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation. It can also have a remarkable effect on a very broad range of illnesses and injuries. This is an excellent way for cancer patients on chemotherapy to stimulate their appetites, fight nausea and address their general discomfort. CBD is also effective for limiting the effects that people living with Parkinson’s often experience in their sleep schedules, REM patterns, movements, and joints. Many aging adults find that they can move better and that they have a lot less inflammation and discomfort when using this supplement.

People who are comfortable smoking marijuana and who live in regions in which this recreational drug has been legalized can always look for strains that contain high amounts of CBD. With higher cannabidiol levels and lower THC, they can smoke marijuana without dramatically altering their abilities and lifestyles and while still experiencing health benefits. When used for medicinal purposes, however, pure CBD can be obtained so that no THC effects are experienced.

Another appealing aspect of CBD is the fact that it can be found in a vast range of forms. For instance, beyond looking for marijuana strains that have optimum levels of CBD and only very trace amounts of THC, pain sufferers can additionally look for CBD gummy bears and other chewables, edible items, vape mods, and more. Thus, no matter how you want to ingest it, you can always find a solution that makes your feel comfortable. It is important to note that CBD is an entirely legal, natural remedy in all states throughout the nation. This remains true even if you happen to live in a state that has yet to legalize marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use.

Even in these locations, chronic pain suffers can always safely and legally buy and use cannabidiol in all of its many forms, without fear of getting into trouble. Moreover, they will pass most mandatory drug tests given that these usually test the system for the presence of THC, rather than CBD. This is pain control that you can safely and ethically use even while you work.

It is important to consider the benefits that this supplement can have over other pain management strategies. For one thing, it is definitely not habit forming. People who like how this compound makes them feel will often continue using it so long as their pain exists. Once the need for these treatments abate, however, it is possible to discontinue all use of CBD products without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. This can hardly be said for many of the opiates and benzodiazepine medications, which often leave chronic pain sufferers needing in-house drug treatment therapies and monitored weaning programs.

When pain abates, many people who are dealing with accident-related issues can take more positive and proactive roles in their rehabilitative therapy plans. It becomes easier to move about confidently, particularly as pain and inflammation abate. This is often very beneficial for aging adults who have become less active due to muscle stiffness and joint soreness. Other advantages gained from cannabidiol use include fewer bouts of anxiety and depression.

Lots of aging women are currently using CBD to address the often painful symptoms of perimenopause. At this stage of life, CBD can actually mimic the estrogen that ladies are no longer producing in abundance. As such, in addition to alleviating menopause-related symptoms, these supplements can even offset a number of age and hormone-related, physiological changes, such as an increased likelihood of bone density loss, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and heart and coronary artery disease.